green candleI lit a green candle for abundance first thing this morning.

Not just any old green candle. It’s bayberry, bursting with abundance-producing super powers.

Or so I thought.

Today’s first email scolded me for having an overdue balance on a credit card I rarely use. A huge overdue balance.

Ah, cruel irony.

Light One (Green) Candle

I started to read about “green candle day” on Facebook last summer, in vague and mysterious posts by friends of friends. Then Michele Woodward mentioned lighting a green candle for abundance on days with an eight in them in her blog. She’s abundantly brilliant, so I was on board. I even had a Granny Smith Apple jar candle from Yankee Candle on the shelf already. Abundance or what?

Tip to Socket

I learned about burning a bayberry candle “from tip to socket” at the holidays from a Jersey Shore friend. (Not that Jersey Shore; the real one, where a “situation” is a northeaster during a full moon that causes tidal flooding.)

The tradition is that, if you burn a bayberry taper until it goes out by itself on Christmas or New Years Eve, you’ll have prosperity in the coming year.

My inner worrywart freaked out when my friend left the candle in her sink – still burning(!) – when we left for the midnight Christmas Eve service. Since her house didn’t burn down, I figured there must be something to the bayberry candle thing, and I’ve burned one every holiday season since.

Double Whammy

I intentionally saved this year’s bayberry candle for the first day of the year with an eight in the day, expecting that it would at least double the green candle effect.

Then Citibank came knocking at my inbox.

I’m obsessive about paying credit card bills on time (hate paying late fees) and usually in full (hate paying interest). Yet there I sat, on the ultimate green candle day, facing both, along with a hefty balance and at least a small ding to my credit rating.

Balance, interest, and a late fee, hours after I thought I’d paid all of my bills for the month.

And less than a week after I received a gift that allows me to pay the forgotten bill in full. On green – bayberry – candle day.

Talk about abundance.

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