well-being playbookAs a kid, I dreaded few things more than practicing scales and fingers exercises for my piano lessons.

OK, maybe going to the dentist and changing for swim class in that steamy yet clammy locker room, but, let me tell you, just the word Hanon still makes me shudder.

I didn’t want to slog through exercises.

I wanted to play real music.

I eventually came to appreciate how what felt like torture was helping me build the skills I needed to play the sonatinas and other “real” music that I grew to love.

So when I read this headline, Why Well-Being is a Skill That Can Be Learned, my brain did that weird thing it does where it makes connections that seem bizarre to less, uh, shall we say, divergent thinkers.

I took me on a flashback to the dank basement where I was convinced my elementary school piano teacher lived 24/7, never venturing above ground into the daylight, her only pleasure in life to dole out those little shiny stars in our tiny practice logs and – even worse – the progress CHART with the names of every kid in her whole studio that was strategically placed directly above the piano and how my best friend Donna always had like three times more stars than me because she was clever enough to figure out that she could get extra stars for memorizing those infernal exercises that I could barely play.

Not that I’m still bothered by that or anything.

Here’s the thing.

I believe that coaching and teaching to well-being is truly life-changing and it’s something I LOVE to do. People tell me I’m pretty good at it, too.

But I absolutely don’t want my coaching or teaching to be anything like my memories of playing scales as a kid.

Not for me. And especially not for you.

That’s why I designed my Renew/Refuel Strategy Session  around the PERMA framework of well-being.

Well-Being is a skill. Here’s your playbook.

R:R logoI’ve found PERMA to be as effective at helping you cultivate the balance that fuels you as “Hanon the Horrible” was in helping me play sonatinas.

Without even a shred of the struggle.

And it works without adding extra stuff to your already packed schedule.

Developed by positive psychology founder Martin Seligman, PERMA is an evidence-based framework that can help you figure out the balance that’s like your sustainable personal super fuel.

From there, it becomes your playbook: a simple structure to help you notice how both what you do and the way you do it creates renewable personal energy and adjust accordingly.

In a way that fits your life.

And that’s way more fun than playing scales.

Ready to reconnect with your fuel? Sign up for a Renew/Refuel Strategy Session today.

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