I don’t know what I want.

The more I work with people who say they don’t know their heart’s desires, the more clear it becomes that they know more than they admit.

Wait, so you’re calling your clients liars?

Absolutely not.

The problem isn’t that they don’t know what they want.

It’s that they either think they don’t know what they want or that they think they don’t deserve it.

They’ve either forgotten how to use their internal GPS system or they think they’re not even allowed to want what their heart’s desires let alone fulfill them. Or both.

Rusty navigational equipment plus limiting thinking equals stuck.

So how do you get clear about what you want and start getting more of it in your life?


Trust Your Knowing

There was a time when you knew.

There was a time when you did things you were naturally drawn to, things that left you energized instead of depleted, things you would do for their sheer joy, no matter the obstacles.

Let yourself trust that knowing.

Be intentional about noticing when that knowing – even the tiniest glimmer – shows up in your life.

Trust Your Deserving

There was a time when you didn’t worry if the things you were moved to be, do, create, experience, and have were OK. If they were acceptable. If you deserved them.

As sure you know what you want, you can be just as sure that your true heart’s desires, the things you long for when you’re most aligned and in your integrity, are anything but unacceptable, undeserved, selfish.

The things you most want, in your heart, aren’t just the things that best fuel and delight you; they’re also what allow you to best serve others.

I can’t think of much that the world needs right now other than more of us doing more of what we really want in ways that bring us joy to us as we serve others.

It’s time to stop pretending that not trusting our knowing and deserving and living from a place of misery and uncertainty has even a slight chance of having a positive impact.

On anyone.

It’s time to trust that you know what you want.

To trust that you deserve it.

To trust that your desires are the key to being, well, doing good, and enjoying the hell out of the ride.

Let’s hop to it.

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image: unsplash; used with permission

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